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Executive Biographies

David Law, President & CEO

After earning a degree in Biology from the University of Oregon (1973), David went on to pursue his MBA in finance and his MS in real estate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During the last year of his graduate study he met Malcolm Clark and together they founded Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. 

In developing and cultivating many specialty fungal species for the culinary and health food trades, the company became a pioneer in promoting fungi for good health.

Anticipating the trend toward the integration of modern and folk medicine, David intensified the company’s focus on the development of organic nutraceutical products.  There are now dozens of varieties of nutraceutical fungi sold to the health food industry.  His expertise assures customers that the products of the company are consistent with sustainable and organic agricultural practices.  David continues to be passionate about popularizing the fungal kingdom as an important source for food and medicine.